f_150_0_16777215_1___images_phocagallery_dych_pristr_aura.jpgThe new servoventilator Chirana Aura is designed for long-term ventilation of children from 2,5 kg weight as well as adult patients. With its ventilation parameters, from controlled through supported to spontaneous ventilation where the requirement of minimal minute ventilation from 0,1l.min-1 is needed. The way of monitoring mechanical characteristics of lungs and multi level ventilation is absolutely unique in the world.
The apparatus is absolutely adaptable to the patient and with so-called intelligent expiree the apparatus can react to extreme situations in artificial lungs ventilation such as patients cough. Its open architecture enables us to introduce model Aura ProfiLungs, which with its ventilation range and monitored parameters push Aura into the world high-end class. Witha automatic optimalization or 3-level ventilation Aura is setting trends in the development of ventilation technology.

Ventilation modes (ALV)

pressure control assisted PC
volume control assisted CMV
support PS/CPAP, APRV (BIPAP), 2-Level, 2-Level + PS, MLV
sspontaneous CPAP, CFS
Apnoe ventilation automatically build in every mode
extended functions of each ventilation mode APMV, MLV, SIGH, Leakage


PS pressure support
APRV (BIPAP) airway pressure release ventilation (biphase intermittent positive airway pressure)
2-Level two level ventilation
2-Level+PS two level ventilation with pressure support
MLV multi level ventilation
CPAP continous positive airway pressure
APMV automatic proportional minute ventilation
SIGH - vzdych deep breath